Sanicare Ecolayers In The Market

In a move to promote care for the environment and personal hygiene, leading tissue manufacturer Sanitary Care Products Asia (SCPA) developed Sanicare Ecolayers tissue rolls, a breakthrough product in the Philippine tissue manufacturing industry, which combines two tissue paper layers made from virgin pulp and one from recycled-grade paper pulp, to form one durable tissue paper product.

According to SCPA marketing and communications manager Lea Sio, Sanicare Ecolayers aims to bring discerning Filipino consumers a tissue product that supports recycling and environment care while providing hygienic toilet paper that’s safe to use.

“We created Sanicare Ecolayers to address consumers’ growing concerns to do something positive for the environment while still following our advocacy of using 100% virgin pulp for tissue products that have sensitive application,” Sio said.

In Sanicare Ecolayers, the recycled-grade layer called the “ecolayer” is placed between two sheets of paper made from 100% virgin pulp, ensuring consumers softer and more hygienic top and bottom tissue layer. Aside from giving softer three-ply sheets, this arrangement prevents the “ecolayer” from touching human skin during application, protecting them from possible exposure to bleaching agents that could be acquired from recycled-grade tissue sheets.

“Like all our tissue brands, we use 100% virgin pulp for the outer sheets of the Sanicare Ecolayers, as they come in contact with human skin. Part of our advocacy is using virgin pulp in all our tissue products because of its hygienic feature. Compared with tissue made from recycled grade sheets, toilet papers made from 100% virgin pulp are cleaner and safer for personal use,” SCPA Marketing and Communications Director Lea Sio said.

To avoid the contact of the ecolayer with human skin, SCPA uses a lamination technology called nested embossing to merge the three sheets of tissue paper. This is the first time that laminated nested embossing technology has been used in manufacturing bathroom tissues here in the Philippines.

“Nested embossing guarantees the integrity of the sheets, ensuring stronger and more durable tissue product that maintains its toughness even when wet. Aside from ensuring that the three sheets are tightly bound, nested embossing adds extra strength to tissue paper, making them less prone to tearing, shredding, or linting. This additional strength makes Ecolayers perfect for personal use as well as other applications,” Sio added.

SCPA brings Sanicare Ecolayers to provide a new tissue product for Filipino consumers who are concerned for both the environment and their family’s welfare. By offering a tissue brand that uses recycled material while keeping hygiene and health safety in mind, SCPA puts high value in giving Filipino consumers the power of choice by making Sanicare Ecolayers as affordable as its classic Sanicare 600s.

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