Our Product Differentiation

Our products are made from 100% virgin pulp.

This is important to us because virgin fibers still have their inherent content of natural wet strength resins that help bing the fibers together. This higher resistance to moisture prevents linting on moist surfaces. Linting (himulmol) can cause all sorts of irritations and worse, allergies or urinary tract infection.

Our products produce less dust and lint.

Our virgin pulp stock has long fibers that intertwine well to form well-bonded sheet. On the other hand, the process of recycling wastepaper causes damage to the fibers, producing shorter fibers that are easier to get picked out of the sheet. Just flick your forefinger on recycled tissue and see how much dust it releases. Compare this to our product, which produces very little dust.

Our products are chlorine free.

Elemental chlorine (such as chlorine gas, hypochlorite or Clorox) is a very effective and cost-efficient bleaching agent in manufacturing paper. However, we do not patronize suppliers who use this in the process as elemental chlorine produces dioxins as a by-product. Dioxins have been linked to cancer and are very harmful to the environment.

Our products do not have artificial whiteners.

Artificial whiteners should not be allowed in paper that is in contact with human skin or with food products as these chemicals can migrate on the surfaces it touches. Our products do not contain this, which is why it is off-white in color.

Our products have consistent winding and sealing.

Our sheet count is digitally controlled and is very accurate. Most competing brands have large cores to make their product look bulkier on the shelves. However, if you read the labels, their sheet count is the same as ours. Even though we can control the looseness to whatever diameter we prefer, we wound our products tightly to make it look neat and clean.